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Here you find apologetics articles of every kind. Comments on the articles and questions are allowed given that decorum is observed. Important! Non-constructive and rude comments shall be deleted.
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Do You Have A Passion For Apologetics? Do You Love Writing?

Join the ranks of the Apologetics Kenya editorial team and write articles for our website and blog on a voluntary basis. Requirements:

  1.  Must be a practising committed serious Christian.
  2. Familiar with apologetics.
  3. Must be willing to commit time to meet set article deadlines.
  4. Be willing to accept correction with humility.
  5. Must be willing to form a fellowship with cohorts of Apologetics Kenya.

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Do you have a question that you would want to be addressed in an article? Let us know and we shall surely tackle it. It shall be either a video or an article or both.

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Apologetics is an aspect of a Christian’s growth and maturity. It is part of evangelism open to every Christian. Join the ranks of spreading the gospel through apologetics by registering for our apologetics course 

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