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Information regarding our apologetics certificate.
the importance of Learning apologetics

The need to give the reason for the hope that we have in Christ is mounting. As a church leader, you have likely come across a few members who ask tough questions about the Christian faith. As a youth leader or parent, you have certainly interacted with young people who ask you the difference between Christianity and Islam, or why the Bible is against LBGTIQ. As a Christian, you have come across people who challenge your faith against our traditional cultures. As a professional or business leader, you can identify times in the past where you have had to defend your faith during a particular discussion. Living in a plural socio-cultural context, we interact with many people from different cultural, religious and ideological perspectives.

As Christians convinced of the authority and transformative power of God’s Word, we sometimes feel inadequate in responding to all these different groups of people. This course has been designed to give you the tools to give an answer for your faith, biblically, winsomely and compassionately, and to train others to do the same. This certificate is specifically designed to equip church ministry leaders, pastors, parents, and marketplace professionals with the tools to effectively respond to the questions that a new generation are asking. The Certificate in African Apologetics seeks to do this by building a solid combination of biblical and theological competence, character formation, socio-cultural understanding and practical application for varied contexts, including the church, the home and the society.

Course approach

This course takes the following approach:

  • Biblically Founded: This course sees the apologetics task as defined and conducted from a biblically robust foundation. Thus, we acknowledge that the Bible is the foundation of our Christian life.
  • Contemporary Scholarship: This course is facilitated by pastor-scholars with up-to-date research in their academic disciplines and with varied church ministry experience, thereby enriching the student’s educational experience.
  • Contextually Sensitive: This course is developed with the African context in mind. Thus, the faculty as well as the curriculum have been designed with this context in mind.
  • Holistic in Approach: This course acknowledges that apologetics is more than debating. It sees apologetics as a spiritual endeavor grounded in biblical-theology, winsomely engaging contemporary cultural issues and leading to deeper character formation in Christ-likeness.
Expected Learning Outcomes
  1. To help the learner build a biblical and theological foundation for apologetics.
  2. To equip the learner with up-to-date research on contemporary issues in apologetics.
  3. To strengthen local church ministry through raising Christian apologists for the 21st century.
  4. To equip learners to apply apologetics within different and varied African contexts.
  5. To nurture holistic Christian disciples who love God with mind, heart, soul and strength.
  6. To provide learners with the tools to engage in contemporary apologetics research and ministry initiatives.
Student Profiles
  • Church leaders interested in exploring apologetics for ministry effectiveness
  • University graduate seeking to explore apologetics ministry or theological education.
  • Parents and guardians seeking to equip themselves to respond to the contemporary challenges to Christianity in their home or neighborhoods.
  • Professionals seeking to equip themselves to respond to the contemporary challenges to Christianity in the workplace.


Course Title

Course Description


Biblical and Theological Core

Old Testament Survey

This topic will give a survey of the Old Testament and its relevance for apologetics

Prof. Nathan Chiroma

New Testament Survey

This topic will give a survey of the New Testament and its relevance for apologetics

Rev. Dr. Steve Van Horn

Biblical Interpretation

This topic will explore approaches to Bible interpretation and critical apologetics issues in the Bible such as miracles, science and the resurrection accounts

Rev. Dr. Steve Van Horn

Basics of the Christian Faith

This topic will introduce the student to the core doctrines in theological study, in view of their historical development.

Prof. Nathan Chiroma

Uniqueness of Christ

This topic will introduce the student to the uniqueness of Christ in a world of plural worldviews

Bill Dindi

Apologetics Core

Introduction to Apologetics

This topic will introduce the field of apologetics from a biblical and historical perspective. It will introduce the learner to different apologetic methodologies, issues and ministries.

Dr. Kevin Muriithi

Logical and Critical Thinking

This topic will introduce the student to the importance of logic, critical and creative thinking and their relevance for the apologist

Dr. John Njoroge

Applied Apologetics

This topic will help the student to apply apologetic knowledge to researching, writing & speaking / debating.



Mwangi Chege

Apologetics as Spiritual Formation

This topic will help the student explore how humility is central for the apologist and how apologetics is a form of character formation

Bill Dindi

African Studies Core

African Christian History

This topic will help the student familiarize themselves with the rich heritage of Christianity in the continent

Dr. Kyama Mugambi

African Traditional Religions & Worldviews

This topic will help the student familiarize themselves with how Africans think, see the world and live, in both traditional and contemporary African societies

Dr. Kevin Muriithi

World Religions and Cults in Africa

This topic will help the student familiarize themselves with cults, including the key elements, movements and organization of cults in Africa

Rodgers Atebembweire

Course Certificate & Fees break down

Course Certificate

    Certificate of Participation will be issued by ILU Kenya .
  • Course fee – to go to faculty honorarium, books, institutional fees
  • 2 payment instalments i.e. January and April 2022.
  • Separate fees for graduation
Free Resources for all Registrants

In partnership with Ekklesia Afrika and Oasis Intl Ltd, below are free resources provided for this course.

The gospel and personal evangelism
stop reading and start studying
what's the mission of the church
the new evidence
sharing the gospel with muslims
concise theology

Special Seminars

Faith and Reason – TBC

Christianity, Sexuality and Gender – TBC

Course Schedule


Feb (4 weeks)

Mar (5 weeks)

Apr (3 weeks)


Old Testament Survey – Prof. Chiroma

Uniqueness of Christ – Bill 

Intro to Apologetics – Dr. Muriithi


Old Testament Survey – Prof. Chiroma

Basics of Christian Faith – Prof. Chiroma

Intro to Apologetics – Dr. Muriithi


New Testament Survey – Dr. Steve


Biblical Interpretation – Steve



New Testament Survey – Dr. Steve


Biblical Interpretation – Steve



Intro to Apologetics – Dr. Muriithi



May (4 weeks)

Jun (5 weeks)

Jul (3 weeks)


Logical and Critical Thinking – TBC

African Christian History – Dr. Kyama

Cults & World Religions – Rodgers


Logical and Critical Thinking – TBC

African Christian History 101 – Dr. Kyama

Cults & World Religions – Rodgers


Apologetics as Spiritual Formation – Bill

African Christian History – Dr. Kyama

Applied Apologetics – Chege


Apologetics as Spiritual Formation – Bill

African Traditional Religion – Dr. Kitawi




African Traditional Religion – Dr. Kitawi



REV. RODGERS ATWEBEMBEIRE is a PhD candidate, North-West University. He serves as the East Africa Director of the Africa Centre for Apologetics Research (ACFAR) and pastor of New City Community Church in Kampala, Uganda. Rodgers is much in demand as a conference speaker on apologetics, cults, and related topics, and his teaching ministry includes radio and television programs and a podcast. He is also a frequent contributor to The Gospel Coalition—Africa.

DR. KYAMA MUGAMBI has a PhD, lectures at the Pan Africa Christian University and is a senior researcher with the Centre for World Christianity at Africa International University. In addition to multiple publications, he is the author of A Spirit of Revitalization: Urban Pentecostalism in Kenya by Baylor University Press 2020 (One of “The Ten Outstanding Books in Mission Studies, World Christianity, and Intercultural Theology” International Bulletin of Mission Research.) He serves as the editorial manager of African Theological Network Press, an initiative advancing theological discourse among academics and church workers. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography [www.dacb.org] and Missio Africanus. He remains connected to the local church having served as a pastor for more than 20 years.

REV. PROF. NATHAN CHIROMA is the Dean, School of Theology and Head of Children and Youth Ministry Department at the Pan Africa Christian University (alias PAC University) since September 2017. He is a practical theologian and youth development enthusiast, having earned his Ph.D. in 2012 from the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) where he specialized in Practical Theology. In 2008, he graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with an MTh (Master of Theology) in Youth work and later undertook a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at the same institution. His interest in Christian Education was advanced when he took on and completed his Master of Divinity at the International Leadership University in Nairobi. His first Theological degree was earned from ECWA Theological Seminary Igbaja, Nigeria.

DR. KEVIN MURIITHI serves with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. He previously worked as an Engineer before pursuing pastoral and apologetics ministry. After completing a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, he pursued an M.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies at the International Leadership University (Nairobi International School of Theology) and holds a Ph.D. in Theology from the University of South Africa, where he researched youth culture and discipleship in Urban Africa. He has a certificate in Christian Apologetics from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and is chairperson of Apologetics Kenya. He lectures at Pan Africa Christian University and has spoken in a variety of academic conferences, church ministries, and other institutional settings. A member of the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry, his research has appeared in multiple peer-reviewed journals and is working on an edited book on Apologetics in Africa with Langham Publishers. Kevin is the current secretary of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology and writes for The Gospel Coalition Africa. He is married to Jessica and father to Noah.

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