Staying Rooted in Christ
in a Shifting Culture

NOV 2023


Contending for the faith, Apologetics Kenya is passionate about how Christian faith engages with the big questions of life in the wider context of a postmodern and post-colonial Africa. 

Apologetics Kenya is a ministry that was started in 2017 to engage sceptics and equip believers with a Christian worldview. We do this through clarifying the gospel and defending it in light of the African challenges to the faith. We carry out this mandate through training, lectures, debates, campus outreaches, speaking engagements, and digital resources. Read More…

Comparative Religion

In the section on the right, we outline a systematic comparison of each religion’s practices and doctrines, themes and impacts. We aim to offer an understanding about why the Christian faith answers the questions of the religions in a way that provides clarity and hope. These articles will also yield a deeper understanding of the fundamental philosophical concerns of religion such as ethics, metaphysics and the nature and forms of salvation. The articles seek to point the readers to the uniqueness of Christ and why this is the best way to answer the questions of origin, meaning, existence and destiny.

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What is Atheism?

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has made Africans consider more technological research and consider religion as irrelevant in its wake . Though African atheists...

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Is Jesus White?

It goes without saying that Jesus was not white or black. He was a Semite, born in the Middle East. Yet how strange...

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