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Contending for the faith, Apologetics Kenya is passionate about how Christian faith engages with the big questions of life in the wider context of a postmodern and post-colonial Africa. 

Apologetics Kenya is a ministry that was started in 2017 to engage sceptics and equip believers with a Christian worldview. We do this by clarifying the gospel and defending it in light of the African challenges to the faith. We carry out this mandate through training, lectures, debates, campus outreaches, speaking engagements, and digital resources. See our gallery for the various engagements.

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Our Team

This is the main team of Apologetics Kenya. Granted the team has many volunteers and writers not listed here.

Dr. Kevin Muriithi

Chairperson & Speaker

Mwangi Chege

Vice Chairperson & Speaker

Charles Wandalo

Secretary & Social Media

Vallence Kazungu

Treasurer & Logistics

Tim Kyarie

Head Digital Team / Missions & Evangelism

Lorna Abwoji

Social Media


Apologetics Kenya is a ministry that seeks to equip believers and to engage sceptics, in order to contend for the faith once delivered to the saints and thereby defending and building up local churches. The sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible, God’s infallible written Word, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that it was uniquely, verbally and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was written without error (inerrant) in the original manuscripts. It is the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks.

Partnering with us

Pray for a Spirit empowered and Christ-centered apologetics ministry in the campuses, among young professionals and for apologetics to all people of all walks of life. Pray for an impact that will not only change and save our generation but will also help raise another generation of defenders of the faith.


Propose potential partners, speakers and organizations that are working towards the same ministry goals. This can also be in terms of sponsorship of media output either originated by us or contributed by interested partners. Publications and peer reviewed papers are very  much welcome.


Provide resources from your budget to support the work of Apologetics and help serve churches and believers in the country, continent and the world. You can also make provisions in your congregations where we can come and serve you through training ministry leaders on apologetics.

You can also support us by donating monetary funds to our secure account by clicking the donate button below.

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There are many ways by which one can join Apologetics Kenya. As a ministry partner, as a donor, as an intercessor for the team, as an intern, as a volunteer, as a service provider, as a speaker, as a writer and many more according to the gifting of the Holy Spirit, personal conviction and skill set. Institutions such as churches and businesses of all forms and kind are also encouraged to join so as to help equip their members for the Kingdom of God and the great commission as mandated by our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15-18. Let us know how you would want to join us, also tell us who you are and where you are from and we shall most certainly get back to you.

In checking the box above, you agree and confirm that your goal of joining Apologetics Keya is sincere and true. You acknowledge that your will diligently work to serve under the mandate provided by Apologetics Kenya for the sake of advancing the gospel of our Lord God and saviour Jesus Christ. By agreeing to join Apologetics Kenya, you shall observe all that is required and stipulated in the agreement that shall be provided. You agree to treat all members of the organization and beyond with love and serve them with humility. May God be the ultimate witness of us all.
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