Africa & Christianity

Christianity in Africa dates to the first generation of the church as described in the book of Acts in the Bible where we find Philip and Ethiopian eunuch. This Ethiopian official was not only had access Old Testament but that he ended up repenting and believing the gospel of Jesus as described in Acts 8:26-38.

Any attempt to label Christianity as a “white man’s religion” or European religion should be rejected since we do have Ethiopians exposed to the Old Testament in the book of Jeremiah with EbedMelech as well as the many early church fathers like Tertullian and Augustine of North Africa as well as Origen and Athanasius of Egypt just to name a few all before the infamous council of Nicea.

Africans played a crucial role in establishing the doctrines and theology of the early church as we see with Athanasius who was known to heavily defend the trinity when everyone else was backing down. We should stand on their shoulders in the way we seriously study the Bible and not be misled that African Christianity should be identified with the “prosperity gospel” or the “hyper grace gospel” or the “word of faith movement”.

Praise God for his work across Africa like with what organizations like Apologetics Kenya, RZIM Africa, Conrad Mbewe, Africa Center for Apologetics Research, Saturday PM, etc are doing. His Spirit has moved in many different ways: through African leaders, through foreign missionaries, and various political movements. We should rejoice in our diversity and unite around the core doctrines of our shared faith.The powerful African church is coming to maturity in the twenty-first century. We should claim our Christian identity and mission with both boldness and humility. Boldness in proclaiming our vibrant faith to the world. Humility in learning from others and working together. Building churches based on both biblical teaching, excellence and integrity in organisation and leadership.

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